This calculator is a game-changer for any photography business. It's not only the most straightforward spreadsheet you'll ever use—it's your financial compass. Don't leave your pricing to guesswork. This powerful tool will help you calculate your salary based on your current living expenses and goals, add up your fixed and variable costs to give you a clear idea of your business overhead, and enable you to set your package rates and/or day rates based on hard numbers. After using this calculator, you'll never question your rates again.

Photography Pricing Calculator


about this tool

Google Spreadsheet file for you to quickly customize and implement
Highlighted sections to replace with your individual details (like your living expenses, CODB, hours spent on each offer, etc.)
Tutorial PDF to help you understand each feature

this is for you if

If you're a photographer at any stage of your career—whether you're just starting out or are an established professional—this tool was designed with you in mind. Perhaps you've found yourself overwhelmed by the financial intricacies of running your own photography business, or maybe you're looking to transition from arbitrary pricing to a more data-driven, analytical approach. The Photography Pricing Calculator is also ideal if you have a strong desire to understand your business finances from top to bottom, ensuring you're well-positioned for sustainable, long-term success. This tool is for anyone committed to elevating their brand photography business through informed financial planning and strategy.

Key Features


Tax & Savings Planning


Package Rate Configuration


Annual Revenue Projections

Understand your tax obligations and how much you should be setting aside for savings.

Get insights into what to include in your packages and how to price them competitively yet profitably.

Get a year-long view of your potential earnings, helping you plan for the future.


Goal Salary Setting


Cost of Doing Business


Monthly Expenses

Determine a realistic salary goal based on your living expenses, so you know what you're working towards.

Calculate your operational costs to understand what it takes to keep your business running.

Keep track of both personal and business expenses to get a full picture of your financial commitments.

Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers
Calculations for Savvy Photographers

Here's what's been said....

“This was an amazing tool and made me up my prices immediately to charge what I was worth and deserved to make a living.”

Teai Warner

03. Implement Your Pricing Strategy

Armed with accurate financial projections, you're now ready to set your package rates with confidence. Use the calculator's recommendations to create or adjust your pricing packages. You'll also gain insights into tax and savings planning, allowing you to make informed decisions for the long-term health of your business.

01. Input Your Financial Data

Start by entering your financial information into the calculator. This includes your fixed and variable business costs, personal expenses, and desired salary. Don't worry if you're not sure what these terms mean—the accompanying course will guide you through each entry, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape.

02. Review Calculated Projections

Once your data is entered, the calculator will automatically generate key financial metrics for you. This includes your cost of doing business, the number of projects you need to meet your goals, and even annual revenue projections. These insights are invaluable for setting realistic and profitable package rates.

No joke, it really is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Chewing On Some Questions?


Is the Photography Pricing Calculator compatible with other spreadsheet software?

The Photography Pricing Calculator is designed primarily for Google Sheets. While it may be possible to export the file for use in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, I cannot guarantee that all features and formulas will function as intended in other software. For optimal performance, I recommend using Google Sheets.


How secure is my financial data when using this calculator?

The security of your financial data is a top priority. The Photography Pricing Calculator operates within Google Sheets, which employs robust security protocols to keep your data safe. Additionally, the spreadsheet is for your personal use, and no one else has access to it unless you choose to share it.


Do I need advanced spreadsheet skills to use this calculator effectively?

Not at all! The Photography Pricing Calculator is designed to be user-friendly, and it comes with an accompanying PDF with detailed instructions to guide you through each step. You don't need to be a spreadsheet expert to navigate the tool; basic familiarity with Google Sheets or similar spreadsheet software should be sufficient.


What’s the refund policy?

Since this template is a digital download, once it's in your possession, it's yours for good. That means refunds aren’t allowed by policy, but as a human-first creator, just let me know what happened and how I can help. Perhaps some rules can be broken.


Have any other questions?

We all have those "But what about ______?" questions. Feel free to shoot me a message and ask me your burning questions!

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