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Evolve your brand photography business with fiercely sustainable strategies you can be proud of. From accurately pricing yourself to the presets, client questionnaires, and unflinching contracts you use — now you have access to the tried-and-true templates that you can rely on. Buckle up, and get ready to make strides.


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Mariya Illarionova

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Photography education to set the standard for your business with the refreshingly bold pricing structures and image licensing strategies that will help you earn top-dollar and avoid projects that bottle-neck your income.

Brand Photography Pricing & Licensing Course

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Can I easily add my branding to the templates?

These templates are all made for you to use for your business, so yes! From the pricing guide to the client questionnaire, it’s easy for you to add your brand imagery, colors, fonts, and logo so it looks like it was made for you.


How do I purchase and access the template?

Just follow the check-out steps after adding the template(s) to your cart; it’s as easy as Amazon with a one-time fee, but better thanks to instant delivery. You’ll receive an email after purchase with your access details — typically a Google Drive link


Who were these templates made for?

This is for new and established commercial photographers who need the tools that will save time and scale their profits while still providing a tailored reflection of their brand.


Will these work if my style is different from yours?

Heck yes. That’s what I love about templates — changing the colors, copy, and adding your own photos will drastically change the aesthetic to better fit your own unique look and approach.


Sharing is caring, right?

Not in this case. If you love the templates, show that love by sending friends the link to my shop, not to the copyrighted materials that you just purchased. And if you want to add to your passive income stream, join our affiliate program to share products and reap some rewards while you’re at it.


What’s the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, there’s no way to return these products once you’ve purchased them. So, refunds won’t be available for any of the shop items. (But trust me, you’ll love what you get and you can reach out if you have questions.)


Have any other questions?

We all have those "But what about ______?" questions. Feel free to shoot me a message and ask me your burning questions!

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