Walk into every brand photography session with peace of mind knowing you’ve got it under control should things… hit the fan. Created with the legal expertise of The Law Office of Beverly Beal, you’ll save time and headaches with this legally binding commercial photography contract template. Protect your business and your intellectual property as a photographer.

Commercial Photography Contract


about this guide

Word and Google Doc files for you to quickly customize and implement
Highlighted sections to replace with project details (like your scope, client name, and other terms)
Copy-and-pastable content that can be added to your CRM for automation (like Honeybook, Dubsado and others)
Attorney-created content that favors your rights as a commercial photographer 
Access to future contract updates



Agreed licensing & permitted use of intellectual property

Services included

Session date & time

Session location

Delays & rescheduling

Fees & pricing

Your copyright ownership

Non-exclusive licensing

Prohibited use


Force majeure

Governing law



By purchasing this template from The Humble Lion LLC, you are not obtaining direct consultancy or representation from The Law Office of Beverly Beal, and no attorney-client relationship is established.

All template documents are constructed based on general U.S. contract principles and are not tailored to specific state regulations. Our templates are user-friendly, featuring highlighted, editable sections accompanied by notes guiding you on potential amendments in line with your business operations and local state laws. You are welcome to adjust the document independently or consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction for assistance.

Contacts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Careful Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers
Contracts for Cautious Photographers

03. Rest easy

After the editing is all said and done, upload your shiny new contract into the CRM of your choosing. (I prefer Honeybook!) Then? Rest easy knowing your business is protected, come hell or high water.

01. Check it out

Make your template selection and add it to your cart. After checkout, you’ll get access to the template almost instantly. Just check your email inbox for the download link. No law degree necessary.

02. Some simple edits…

Whether you prefer the PDF version or the Word document, just edit the highlighted text and replace it with your corresponding information (like the session date or your legal business name). Then rinse and repeat for each client session.

No joke, it really is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Chewing On Some Questions?


How many times can I use this template?

As many times as you need. This is a one-and-done deal, so as soon as you purchase the template, it’s yours to use over and over again for your own business! (However, this does not include the right to share or sell the contract to others.)


Can I modify the template’s clauses?

Yes, but the clauses included within it are legally good to go (thanks to the Law Office of Beverly Beal). If you do make dramatic changes, it’s best to consult a lawyer to ensure your protections are just as valid as the original template ensures.


What’s the refund policy?

Since this template is a digital download, once it's in your hands, it's yours for good. That means refunds aren’t allowed by policy, but as a human-first creator, just let me know what happened and how I can help. Perhaps some rules can be broken.


Have any other questions?

We all have those "But what about ______?" questions. Feel free to shoot me a message and ask me your burning questions!

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