My Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire is my secret weapon and strongest tool (besides my camera, of course). I send it to every single client when we start working together to get to know them on an intimate level. If you're a photographer and want to form better professional relationships, improve your communication, and create strategic images truly unique to each client, this is for you.

Brand Photography Questionnaire


about this guide

You want to improve your client experience.
You want to create original, scroll-stopping work.
You want to build brand loyalty and book repeat clients.

this is for you if

Effective research and communication are essential when creating images with a solid strategy. This questionnaire will help you understand your clients, their vision, and the people they want to serve

whats included


White-labeled & ready to go


Strategically curated questions


Fill-in-the-blank PDF format

The questionnaire is white-labeled, so you don't have to worry about The Humble Lion's branding being showcased throughout.

The questions in this 28-page document were crafted and refined over the course of FOUR YEARS and are appropriate for any field.

This document has easy-to-use blank form fields that work in any PDF viewer so your client can fill it out, save over the original, and send it right back.

Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers
Guides for Fearless Photographers

Iza Correll

"In preparation for the shoot, KaS prepared a brand questionnaire to really capture me and my vision before she ever touched the camera. And these prompts didn’t just explore my personal preferences for the shoot, but the underlying purpose, direction, and image I was seeking for all my life pursuits. 

That questionnaire didn’t just teach her about me. It taught ME about me. It inspired so much of my brand that I was yet to uncover. And for the first time, I walked away with photos that captured not only who I am, but the person I WANT to be. 

Every image makes me feel powerful, bold, and known. My website and social platforms are finally spaces that fully showcase the intricacies of my brand. 

And THAT feeling—the impossible joy of achieving authenticity has made me a forever client."


“These are the images we have been scouring the internet for! As web designers, the most important part is curating images that are on brand.


Need a few more deets?


How should I use this questionnaire?

As soon as my clients have paid their retainer fee and signed my contract, I send them this document and suggest they carve out plenty of time to get in the right headspace, stay focused, and fill it out as thoroughly as possible. This encourages them to take their vision and photoshoot seriously, making it a success for both of us.


What kind of questions can I expect?

This questionnaire doesn't cover the who, what, when, or wheres. It asks in-depth questions so you can get to know your clients intimately. It was built to get to the root of who they are and who they're trying to serve. When we know our clients like old friends, we can see them not only for who they are, but for who they want to be and how they wish to be perceived by the world. And that's how we begin to create magic.


How much time should my clients dedicate to this?

It depends on the client, how much thought they've already given their brand's direction, and how much depth they're willing to go in. I'd say on average, my clients spend 30 minutes to an hour completing their questionnaires. Some prefer to take more time to sit with their answers.


If I don't like it, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the nature of digital products, there is no way of me knowing whether or not you will continue to use this product after it is purchased and downloaded. You need to be 100% sure you want this tool before purchasing. 


Have any other questions?

We all have those "But what about ______?" questions. Feel free to shoot me a message and ask me your burning questions!

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