Photographer Mentorships

with the hunger to grow, 
without cutting corners.

with the hunger to grow, without cutting corners.


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Photographer Mentorships

Get the 1:1 photographer mentorship meant for brand photographers that are hungry for growth in their artform. With raw wisdom from my 8 years of commercial photography experience. Covering topics from brand photography posing and prep to sustainable business systems, fundamental pricing information, and strong client relationships, you’ll get the clarity you need and unabashedly deserve

Sound like a hit? Scroll on...

WITH The Hunger To Grow
WITHOUT Cutting Corners

My photographer mentorship philosophy

The Long & Short Of It

It’s already there — the grit and determination that brought you this far. I’ll encourage you to keep rolling up your sleeves and will only recommend tried-and-true practices that will honestly benefit your business and the way you want to live your life. This is a mentorship that will fuel your creativity and help you cover more ground without feeling lost.

The Start Of Topics We Can Cover

lighting, editing, posing, and creatively directing like a pro


setting rates, building packages, custom vs. flat-rate pricing


finding new clients and presenting yourself online


techniques for high conversions, what to include in proposals, and how to communicate


the set-up, software, and streamlined processes that save time and impress clients


switching industries from wedding or portrait work, and into brand photography


how it works, when to enforce licensing, and educating clients


sharing feedback on your website and galleries


how to avoid overbooking yourself and when to outsource


the tools you need and what to use for certain shots


communication, boundaries, and relationships


advice I wish I had, and how to evolve when you’re already established


Ashley Hebblethwaite

Choosing to invest in myself and book a mentorship with KaS was a no brainer. KaS’ genuine desire to share her lived & learned experiences / knowledge on running a successful brand photography business was so valuable. I walked away with so many gems from our conversation. I would highly recommend KaS to anyone who needs a kind kick in the butt. It was eye opening and I am truly grateful for the gained confidence.”

Ariel Kuhn

“It was a breath of fresh air getting to connect with her. Not only is she generous with her knowledge, open about her experience, and more than willing to share what’s helped her grow, but she’s extremely approachable and easy to talk to.“

Mariya Illarionova

“First of all — thank you for all your insight and perspective. I appreciate you holding space and being an incredible thought partner and giving me some actionable advice in terms of better connecting with my target audience. It’s SO helpful having another mind to reflect ideas upon.”

Praise From The Humble Lion’s Pride

The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya
The Differences I’m Proud To Provide For Ya

Sustainable Practices

Every business strategy and piece of advice is given with longevity in mind. You’ll leave each session armed with practices you can use for a long, long time.

Not your mother’s photographer mentorship…

Human-First Business

You — as an individual and an entrepreneur — are my top priority. This is the foundation of everything I do as a mentor. I’m always asking myself what I can do to serve you.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

As a straight-shooter, our mentoring sessions will never be full of counterproductive cliches. Only sheer honesty, tenacity, and an abundance of kindness.

1:1 Styled Shoot

Audit your workflow with a live photoshoot — including the prep, shooting, styling, and editing. I’ll share in-action advice suited to your style. Nothing beats hands-on practice.

Starting at $1200

Photographer Mentorships

Virtual, in-person, and workshop-style mentorships are available to pounce on your pressing questions in real time.

1:1 Mentorship Sessions

Your questions, hold-ups, and imposter syndrome what-ifs — covered in full and without the frills in a virtual session designed to re-instill confidence and clarity.

Starting at $200 for a 1-hour session

That One-Size-Fits-All Bit Never Sat Well With Me

And I’m not expecting it to be your thing either.

Let’s be clear. I’m no one’s coach, and I’m not here to lead masses of people. The education in this neck of the woods is individual — helping you identify what you need, teaching you the framework, and providing the tools to get to work. 

Why I Mentor Others

Brand photography has always been my niche. I’ve been working with businesses and entrepreneurs from the get-go. And at every corner and stumble, my community has been there to pick me up and dust me off. I want to pay that forward.

If I can help you feel like you can tackle the world and serve your people well, I will. I want you to experience a reprieve from the online world that can feel so heavy. And then one day, I’ll be stoked to see you honorably leading others too.

03. Let The Growth Begin.

Our one-on-one session together will be focused on your needs as an entrepreneur. And you’ll get the lion’s share of industry knowledge from me, no BS and no-holds-barred. After that? Take the good stuff and go wild. The resulting confidence boost is on the house.

01. Well, Inquire If You’re Ready.

If you're anything like me, you’re probably chomping at the bit for what comes next. So I’ll tell you: reach out through this contact form. Hit me with your contact information and what you hope to accomplish during our one-on-one mentoring session. Then I’ll reply within 24-48 hours with availability and scheduling details.

02. Don’t Hold Back. Ask The Tough Questions.

Before our mentoring session, we’ll outline the most important questions you have about your business. From actual photography techniques to sustainable pricing and licensing issues, this list of questions and topics will set an intention for our session, encouraging a productive and connective conversation from the jump.

I See You. On The Edge Of Your Seat Asking “What’s Next?”

Mentoring can lead to reviews like this:

Shae Davis

“She helped bring out my raw self that I wanted to share with my brand. If you’re lost with branding or need help in the photography area, I highly suggest KaS. I traveled states away for her and don’t regret a single thing. I now consider her a friend, who is so full of amazing knowledge.”

Bailey Townsend

“She made me feel so comfortable and constantly encouraged me throughout the entire day. Man, she knows how to make people feel good in the most genuine way possible. Not only is she encouraging, but she is thoughtful and considerate. She asked me questions about my life and seemed genuinely interested in giving her all… I had the most wonderful time and I would recommend her to anyone on this planet. I am so thankful for her work, for her passion, for her platform, and for her spirit.”

Laura Novotny

“We met for coffee and I instantly felt like I knew her for years… KaS taught me so many things and gave such great advice… I cannot explain how grateful I am for KaS and her creativity, she truly is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with. I recommend her to everyone and anyone!”

Photography Pricing Calculator

Understanding your cost of doing business is as critical as the quality of your gear. This pricing calculator is a free tool that you’ll wish you had years ago.


Branding Photography Questionnaire


Improve your client communication, plan images strategically, and exceed expectations with my Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire.

Photoshoot Planning Guide

Walk into your photoshoots fully prepared, and poised for anything. This guide gives you the gist of how to prep, style, shoot, and edit for the best results.


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