The safe haven
For Brand Photographers

The safe haven For Brand Photographers

Brand photography mentor

Unearth powerful pricing structures, contracts, questionnaires, and mentoring. I’m serving up the essentials that will help you confidently take it up a notch, revolutionize how you operate, and stay true to who you are.

Okay, So What’s In It For You?

(THL EDU for short) is for brand photographers who are hungry to feel valued, creatively adored, and well paid. Here, you’ll learn how to tastefully and tactfully build up a book of business that follows your natural instincts. And when it comes to what to charge and how to grow, I’ll provide real-world clarity while helping you stay sane and creatively satisfied to boot. Packaged with some wit, wisdom, harsh realities, and humility.

The Humble Lion Education

I've been working with small businesses around the world to create strategic imagery that builds brand recognition and loyalty. With a background in marketing and years of hands-on experience in commercial photography that drives fierce results, no carrots have ever been dangled. It’s been a simple formula of collaboration, a strategic vision, grit, and transparency.

For Nearly A Decade…

Set sustainable rates that support their lifestyle

Work with clients who value their work & creative ideas

Build a steady stream of income

Step into passive income (hello image licensing)

For New & Established Photographers Who Want To...

Brand photography mentor

Most importantly, you won’t back down from a challenge. After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You bring the tenacity. I’ll bring the tools.

Hi, I'm KaSandra, but you can
call me KaS. Photographer, creative maven and world traveler.

My Kentucky-rooted, Colorado-living story is framed by wildly humbling lessons of a creative journey sprinkled (okay, heaped with) anxiety, panic attacks, leaps of faith, detours, connecting with incredible humans, traveling, and diving head-first into the deep-end without any swimming lessons.

Pure grit, a public relations degree, international projects, and over a decade of photography experience are in the mix there too.

About your brand photography mentor

I'm just a kid from the sticks who managed to work herself around the nation and world several times since 2015. Now, I’m paying it forward to the up-and-coming brand photographers through accessible online photography education and tools.

Don’t Get Me Wrong.

I’ve allowed clients to take advantage of my work and leave me in the dust. I’ve felt the uneasy wavering, the pit in your stomach as you price your services and witness your creative work get used in a way that feels cagy and unfair. And yet, that do-good feeling of entrepreneurship always makes the rough days worth it.

Over the years, one thing’s been sure. I knew there would be a community at my back to help me onto my feet if I ever needed it. But not everyone has that community. So, to pay it forward, this educational branch of The Humble Lion is your turf now too.

Why I Give A Damn

This photography mentor stuff?
I’ll just be frank here.

Working with brands and teaching other creatives how to protect their work (and well-being) too.


                     Built up momentum, served powerhouse brands, traveled some more, and kept my whereabouts a little mysterious (just how I like it).



Carved out my audience and niche — brand photography for makers, educators, doers, and dreamers. (AKA my kind of people).

            Went full-time with photography, humbled to be paid to work across 4 countries right out of the gates.

2018 / 

Eloped and moved to the Gold Coast of Australia to work full-time in marketing while I built this show on the side.


Founded THL as a blog that balanced confidence and humility. A mix of candor, harsh realities, and my trips across the globe.


            Received my public relations degree and experienced a late-afternoon-sunshine epiphany moment when I decided to travel the world, camera in hand.

with your brand photography mentor


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jessica Crafton

“A powerful woman empowers others to be and feel powerful in this very unifying sense of solidarity kind of way. KaS is one of these women.”

Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?
Which Part Of Your Process Do You Need To Protect?

Knowing how to price my work

Signing new clients with a foolproof contract

Editing my photos with professional presets

Nurturing clients from A to Z

The Top-Shelf Essentials For Brand Photographers